Glass Databases

Listed below are several glass composition-property databases. Most databases (with the exception of phase diagrams) are included in SciGlass 6.6. Phase diagrams are in the "NIST-ACerS Phase Equilibria Diagrams Database".

SciGlass 6.6

The SciGlass database, initiated by Oleg V. Mazurin, is the largest existing resource of glass properties, including over 1,000,000 experimental values for 286,000 glasses compiled from over 22,000 references. The SciGlass database is distributed by ScienceServe. - Publications related to SciGlass -

International Glass Database INTERGLAD ver.6

The database INTERGLAD contains experimental values for about 250,000 glasses, presented by the New Glass Forum.

NIST-ACers Phase Equilibria Diagrams Database

The Phase Equilibria Diagrams CD-ROM Database Version 3.1 for 2005 contains approximately 20,000 phase diagrams.

Handbook of Glass Data

by O. V. Mazurin, M. V. Streltsina, T. P. Shvaiko-Shvaikovskaya

Elsevier, 1993

The Handbook of Glass Data includes several thousand properties for binary and ternary glass systems, as well as single glass forming oxides.

High temperature glass melt property database for process modeling - Preliminary Database - Final Database and Models on ACers Website

This database contains the viscosity, electrical resistivity, thermal expansion, density, refractive index, and further properties of six glass families: container and float glasses, low expansion borosilicates, TV panel glasses, textile fiber E-glasses, and borosilicate wool glasses (150 glasses total). It is available for purchase from Wiley Publishers.

Properties of Glass-Forming Melts

edited by by D. L. Pye, A. Montenaro, and I. Joseph

CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, May 2005

ISBN: 1574446622

Properties of Glass-Forming Melts contains a high number of experimental data and some models relevant for industrial glass making.

Slag Atlas

Second edition - revised and enlarged

Woodhead Publishing, January 1995

ISBN 3514004579

The Slag Atlas is a database about metallurgical slags, including relevant phase diagrams, that often form glasses at high temperature.

PNNL waste glass database & studies

Tellurite Glasses Handbook: Physical Properties and Data

by Raouf A. H. El-Mallawany

CRC Press, 2001, ISBN: 0849303680

Glastechnische Tabellen

by W. Eitel, M. Pirani, K. Scheel

Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1932 (in German)

- glass database until 1932 -