The Pearl of Light, A Fairy Tale

(PDF-file 55 kB)

by Michael Bauer

"The Pearl of Light" is a classic fairy tale about true love and courage, written by my friend Michael Bauer. I really liked his story, and therefore I asked if he would be interested in getting it translated to English, and if he would agree to put it on my website. He said yes right away because he is too busy with more important work, and no regular publisher is willing to print such a short story of an unknown author as Michael Bauer anyway. My American friend William E. Barcel translated the text, and together we tried to work on the poem translations (still, the poems are much nicer in the original). I would like to thank Michael for his wonderful story, "The Pearl of Light", and the permission me to make it available here.

Alexander Fluegel, Richland, WA, USA, February 2007