Surface tension calculation of glass melts at 1400°C

A. Kucuk, A. G. Clare, L. Jones
"An estimation of the surface tension of silicate glass melts at 1400°C using statistical analysis";
Glass Technol., vol. 40, Oct 1999, no. 5, p 149-153.

Abstract: Surface tension parameters for oxide components in silicate glass melts were estimated using a multiple linear regression analysis on the values reported both in the literature and our own measured data. The values reported in the literature have a 1-5% internal error, the surface tension measured for this paper has an error of 1-3%. The F-test analysis showed that the regression is significant. The following formula was found for the surface tension estimation of silicate melts at 1400°C:
Surface tension in mN/m = 271.2
+1.48 * mol% Li2O
-2.22 * mol% K2O
-3.43 * mol% Rb2O
+1.96 * mol% MgO
+3.34 * mol% CaO
+1.28 * mol% BaO
+3.32 * mol% SrO
+2.68 * mol% FeO
+2.92 * mol% MnO
-1.38 * mol% PbO
-2.86 * mol% B2O3
+3.47 * mol% Al2O3
-24.5 * mol% MoO3       (Download surface tension calculator, 26 kB)