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International Commission on Glass
The American Ceramic Society
Society of Glass Technology, England
The Ceramic Society of Japan
Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft
Institut du Verre
Glass Manufacturing Industry Council
International Materials Institute for New Functionalities in Glass
Center for Glass Research
Canadian Ceramic Society

Universities and Institutions, USA / Canada:
Alfred University, School of Engineering
Catholic University of America, Physics Department
Clemson University, School of Materials Science and Engineering
Georgia Tech, Materials Science & Engineering
Department of Energy, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering
Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers
McMaster University, Canada, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
MIT, Center for Materials Science and Engineering
National Institute of Standards and Technology - Ceramics Division
Nationl Research Council, Canada
Oak Ridge National Lab., Science & Technology
Ohio State University, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Advanced Processing & Applications
Penn State University, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
Rutgers, School of Engineering
University of Florida, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
University of Missouri-Rolla, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
University of Pennsylvania, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
University of Washington, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
Universiy of Arizona, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
US Department of Energy, Glass
Virginia Tech, Mat. Sci. & Eng.
Alberta Research Council, Advanced Materials

Journals, Publisher, Literature Search:
Journal of the American Ceramic Society
Glass Technology
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses
Engineering Village Literature Search
Wiley Interscience
Glass Physics and Chemistry

Calculation of Glass Properties
ilis BatchMaker
Linde Glass Tools
GlassMaster, Link 1
GlassMaster, Link 2
Glass Global, Engineering
Dr. G. Medicus

Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table with Popups

Glass Science and Technology
Structure of Glass, Karl Gatterer, Graz University of Technology
Introduction to glass science, Richard K. Brow, University of Missouri-Rolla
Short courses by Richard L. Lehman, Rutgers University: Flat glass (1.8 MB), Overflow downdraw process (0.3 MB), Glass property overview (0.2 MB), Mechanical properties of glass (1.1 MB)

Merck Chemical Database

Unit Conversation

Scientific Calculator

Institut für Gesteinshüttenkunde der RWTH Aachen
Otto-Schott-Institut für Glaschemie, Jena
TU Berlin, Fachgebiet Glaswerkstoffe
TU Clausthal, Institut für Nichtmetallische Werkstoffe
Uni Erlangen, Department of Materials Science
Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung, Würzburg